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Half Moon Bay Retreat is the name of a development concept for +/- 70 acres on one of the last remaining prime waterfront properties on Lake Livingston adjacent to Waterwood in San Jacinto County in East Texas.

The property consists of a bay in the form of a perfect half moon crescent, a peninsula, a hidden cove, and a rare old-growth forest ecosystem. There is also an 11 acre cleared tract that is ideally suited for parking, hotel/condo services, and golf cart and bicycle issuance. Another 11 acre tract is suited for use as an R-V park or for stables.

Other than the two 11 acre tracts, the only development within the retreat/resort would be limited to the peninsula located between the half moon bay and the hidden cove.

That site is ideal for the construction of a Four-Seasons, Hilton, Sheraton, Ritz-Carlton, Crown Plaza, Fairmont, Rosewood, Sandals or other "Five Star" quality luxury Hotel/Condo facility.

The 70 acre tract is adjacent to over 2,000 acres of Wildlife Sanctuaries with over 10 miles of shoreline. There are many miles of trails for hiking, horseback riding, bicycling, golf carting, canoeing, kyacking and other low impact recreational activities.

Arriving guests or condo owners would park their cars on the 11 acre tract and be issued electric golf carts for the short journey through the forest to the Hotel/Condo.

Although the "Retreat" is less than 90 minutes from Houston Intercontinental Airport and the Houston Metroplex, the sense of isolation from the toxic modern world is as profound as if the visitor had traveled to Costa Rica or other remote destination requiring many hours of travel at considerable expense.

Some of the wildlife that inhabits the lakeside and adjacent Sanctuaries include Deer, Bobcats, occassional Cougars, Racoons, Opossums, Terrapins, Frogs, White Pelicans, Bald Eagles, Red-Wolf hybrids, Coyotes, Cormorants, Pileated Woodpeckers and dozens of other species.

If you represent a development group interested in the concept of a special luxury "Retreat" within easy reach of millions of potential customers, I would be happy to give you a tour of the properties.

George H. Russell

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Natural Area Preservation Association holds perpetual conservation easements on several Preserves and Sanctuaries donated by the Russell family in order to preserve old-growth forest ecosystems and vital wildlife habitat for future generations. The Master Plan is for each of the development footprints to be surrounded by natural areas with many miles of trails through the ancient forests and native prairies.

To date approximately 700 acres are preserved with the ultimate goal the preservation of at least 95% of the Russell Forest in its original natural state.

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Texas Forest Country

Waterwood National

Harrell Plantation

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